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A small herd with big time genetics!


SAV 8180 Traveler 004

Phenotypically, one of the most balanced sires in the breed with extra muscularity and base width.

His progeny are high-performing cattle with astonishing early growth coupled with a disciplined mature frame.

Index of Sires Used for A.I. Production

SAV 8180 Traveler 004

Clean-up bull - Mr. UT 2425

Net Worth 4200

Objective 3J15

Sitz Upward 307r

SAV Free Spirit 8164

Connealy 044

Boyd Forever Lady 8003


Clean-up bull - Mr. UT 2425

This Angus bull has a performance record that dates back to the early 1950’s even before I was a graduate student at UT.  The University of Tennessee has one of the best grass management Angus cow herds I have seen in my life.  It is basically dedicated to research but has a great, great set of mother cows with cattle that have dimension, volume, growth and correctness.

Background story on Mr. UT 2425:

In the fall of 2006 I visited the UT herd and saw the largest framed and most impressive Angus bull I have ever seen, Mr. UT 1593.  He sired a son Mr. UT 2425 who was just like him but with more volume, muscle and correctness but not quite as big.  Mr. UT 2425 is out of a Pathfinder cow, who is truly one of the great cows I have seen.  Then I saw her mother and she was just as impressive!   Mr. UT 2425 has 3 generations of Pathfinder dams on his maternal side and all are big, good milkers with great udders and are high growth cattle, as well as being extremely structurally correct.

We were fortunate to purchase Mr. UT 2425, a coming 2 year old, at the Eastern Tennessee Angus sale on Feb. 17, 2007 where he competed well and was named Grand Champion Bull.  I believe that this bull has the necessary traits to become a big time contributor to the Angus gene pool.  He is heavy muscled, very correct in skeletal makeup, has a great foot and moves as well as any bull I have seen for a bull of his dimension and overall size.  His spring of rib and capacity is rare for a bull of his size.  Also, his length of hip (hooks to pins) and length of quarter are very impressive.  At 23 months he measured 59” at the hip.  The UT herdsman told me he weighed 2160 back in the early fall and they just kept him on pasture so he wouldn’t get too big.  His spread is good with a projected 110 yearling, 56 WW, and +21 on milk.  They believe his AHIR BW of 5.1 will come down considerably like his sire, who started out over 6 and is now 3.3.  Mr. UT 2425 had an actual birth weight of 88 pounds.

Phenotype on Mr. UT 2425 is truly outstanding and I believe he will be a great breeding bull because of his depth of Pathfinder dams plus he is not related to most of the EXT or Precision bloodlines of today.  He is out of a herd with over 60 years of performance records!

This 7 plus frame bull had a 733 adj. 205 (ratio 117) and an average daily gain of 5.36, ratio 110 with a 1591 adj. yearling weight on a silage ration, and no creep!  He is a grass management type of bull bred to have tremendous growth and will convert forages into pounds of meat.

I believe this bull could have a great influence on the Angus gene pool, developed from a herd that essentially has been closed for research.  Mr. UT 2425 would offer new genetics for Angus breeders seeking more growth, muscle, frame, eye appeal and length of hip and quarter.  Anyone seeing Mr. UT 2425 is impressed such that they know that they have seen one of the great Angus bulls.

Net Worth 4200

Muscle • Maternal • Power

Universally known as the breed’s most dominant sire of muscle and thickness, his stout-made sons are in demand by registered and commercial cattlemen.

His Daughters are feminine, highly productive females whose udder strength can be compared to EXT females!



Objective 3J15

Objective 3J15 has no equal in the Angus sire summary for combination of pure growth, carcass excellence and acceptable phenotypic power.

He is one of the top Genex customer satisfaction sires because offspring press the scales with the best of them and stand out in a calf crop for overall profitability.

He is a Bet-the-Ranch performance powerhouse!


Sitz Upward 307R

Upward is the performance powerhouse the breed has been seeking.

His pedigree works well on many popular Angus lines, and he’s making a name for siring stout herd sires.

Use for pounds, power and great daughters.



Connealy Lead ON

Connealy Onward

Altune of Conanga 6104

Sitz Value 7097

Sitz Henrietta Pride 81m

Sitz Henrietta Pride 1370

SAV Free Spirit 8164

Genetic Superiority • Marbling • Good looks

One of the highest ranking bulls ever tested with the Pfizer HD 50K genomic test for $MVPFL

Offspring are moderate BirthWeight cattle with exceptional muscle, eye appeal and Phenotypic balance.



S A V 8180 Traveler 004

S A V Net Worth 4200

S A V May 2410

G A R Integrity

S A V Emblynett 5463

S A V Emblynette 0429

LCC Leading Design 3216K

UT Mr 1593

UT Miss 1431

UT Mr 2225

UT Miss 1630

UT Miss 1386

Sitz Traveler 8180

S A V 8180 Traveler 004

Boyd Forever Lady 8003

S A F 598 Bando 5175

S A V May 2410

S A V May 6269

AAR New Trend

SVF Forever Lady 57D

Sitz Traveler 8180

GDAR Traveler 71

Sittz Everelda Entense 1137

Connealy In Focus 4925

Performance • Maternal • Carcass

In Focus 4925 is one of only a handful of proven sires that ranks in the top 1% of the breed for both $W and $B.

Few sires can match his combination of moderate birth weight, growth and carcass merit.


S A F Focus Of E R

MYTT In Focus

MYTTY Countess 906

Millers Bullseye J373

Black Cana Of Conanga 206

Black Cryse Of Conanga 204

B A R Ext Traveler 205

C R A Bextor 872 5205 608

    Cra Lady Jaye 608 498 S Easy

S S Objective T510 0T26

G A R Objective 1885

    G A R 1407 New Design 2232

Objective 7125 4925

Attractive and correct OBJECTIVE son with added muscle shape and length of body.

Progeny in 40 plus herds are ratioing for WW and 104 YW

Only a handful of main list sires exceed his weaning performance - none of which offer his level of calving ease and docility

New Sire Alliance graduate ranking in the top 10% with a $72.70 Total Profit Index


GAR Prophet

  1. At weaning or on the grid, Prophet delivers Profit!

  2. Use to take advantage of powerful end-product premiums

  3. One of the highest demand bulls in the breed—he offers wide-scale improvement

  4. Daughters are feminine, high volume females bred for high production

  5. Wow! Over 450 head show his BW at 99 and WW at 103, plus his %IMF ratio is 112 on 260 scans!

Prophet takes performance to new levels with an incredible birth to growth spread combined with plenty of end-product power. His dam is one of the thickest Objective daughters ever and mated to Bextor, created one of the most sought-after Angus bulls in the business. Prophet sires docile cattle that are born small and grow like crazy and they’re consistently high for marbling. Take advantage of genes that are proven to deliver premiums and profit in a period of all-time high beef prices. Prophet is an easy choice.


SS Traveler 6807 T510

SSObjective T510 0T26

SS Miss Rita R011 7R8

Bon View New Design 1407

GAR 1407 New Design 1463

GAR Precision 819

RB Tour Of Duty

Tour of Duty is a true performance dominator with EPDs in rare unchartered territory for growth, $W and spread genetics.

He was the $55,000 record-selling bull at the 2012 Minnesota Bull Test Sale in Jackson, MN.

He has fabulous phenotype, and his combination of extreme length and depth is unrivaled.

His strength of topline with the extra length sets him apart just as his fabulous disposition and great feet and leg structure have impressed scores of tour visitors at ORIgen.

B A Lady 6807 305

Vermillion Dateline 7078

G D Lady Hi Flyer 304

Werner War Party 2417

Connealy Onward

BAAR USA Lady Jaye 489

He has come from a great cow family which contributes to his superior length and growth genetics.

His maternal sister 890, has established herself as the top dam in the breed for birth to yearling spread.

He’s as much of a sensation in person as he is on paper. A sound structured, athletic bull, TOUR OF DUTY displays exceptional length of body and capacity.