Over 50 Years of Performance Selection

and Over 40 Years of A.I. Genetics

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A small herd with big time genetics!


News March 2009: Slate Run Bulls shine in Big Sky country again for 2009. We had 4 of the better Feed Efficiency bulls for 2009. In fact bull Lot 286 had a feed efficiency ratio of 116 ( 1 of the top bulls on test!) converting 4.5 pounds of feed for 1 pound of gain! His RFI RESIDUAL FEED INTAKE was -3.5. If you are keeping replacement females, by selecting for negative RFI research has shown you have the potential to save close to $60 per year! Feedlot steers could be up to $100 saved per animal. The average for cattle is 8 pounds for 1 pound of gain. This is a great savings for any cattleman using the high feed efficiency bulls!


    Eight Jackson county raised bulls traveled 1700 miles to compete at the world renowned Midland Bull Test Station in Columbus, MT.  The Midland Bull Test is considered America’s number one choice to compete in for objective measures and performance genetics for all breeds of beef cattle.  Over 720 Angus bulls from 198 breeders across the country from New York to Washington Ranchers entered their top end bulls to evaluate and compete in this prestigious and world-renowned bull test.  

    Slate Run Angus cattle operation is located on Camba Road in Franklin Township, Jackson County.  They had the third highest average daily gain pen of bulls sired by the highly acclaimed bull Traveler 004.  Slate Run was only .02 hundred’s of a pound off from being the number one pen of bulls.  Only 70 percent of the bulls qualify for the sale on April 6.  90 percent of the Slate Run bulls qualified.

    This was a great accomplishment for owners Duane and Sandy Plymale.  Duane has been breeding Angus cattle artificially for over 40 years, and with eight generation of genetics from top proven bulls is able to compete with some of the biggest ranches in the country.

  They only run 50 cows on their 144 acre farm so selection of the very best proven bulls is important so they can compete against much larger operations that have almost unlimited resources.  Raising top cattle has been a dream of Duane’s from his early days as an Animal Science graduate from Brigham Young University and the University of Tennessee.
     Since his retirement from The Ohio State University, Duane and Sandy have had more time to direct toward their family farm operation and expand marketing of their genetics to western cattle ranches.  Most of last years bull calf crop was purchased by Montana breeders who realized the genetic package of eight generations of AI breeding from Slate Run.  As one Wyoming cattle rancher said, “some of the very best calves we have raised were from Slate Run bulls.”
    To learn more about the Jackson County’s cattle breeder look up
www.slaterunangus.com on the web.  Duane and Sandy’s Angus cattle motto is “A small herd with big time genetics.”

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