About Our Angus

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We put together our herd from proven performance females from BCIF herds across the country in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Many of these females were from the leading cow families in their respective herds. These herds included Bellemonte Farms in Virginia, University of Tennessee research herd, Stonegate Angus in Kentucky, Wehrmann Angus in Virginia, Ken Clark’s Craigie herd in West Virginia, Wye Plantation in Maryland and several others.




Astounding birth weight, weaning weight, and yearling weight numbers.




renowned for maternal traits, calving ease, producing an abundance of milk.




carcass and meat quality that have proven genetic quality that makes for the best meals.

Our cattle have over 60 years of proven performance selection.

Why Our Angus Cattle are better than most

By using proven Angus bulls we have pooled the genetics from the most economical traits. Especially growth, milk, and carcass. We have many generations of proven genetic economic traits are much more predictive in their breeding performance and progeny outcome. We almost never have a bad calf as our bottom line results. We call this genetic engineering using all of the modern tools that are available for objective cattle breeding.

Docility Scores that are Off the charts!

Some of the cattle we have for sale are so docile children could sit on them.

Economic traits

Traits that produce the best angus cattle for their economic intake.

Amazing Customer Satisfaction

Not one customer of our cattle has come away unhappy. These are some of the best out there.
customer Satisfaction
Genetic Superiority
Cattle Outcome Success