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Slate Run Rita Lass 012

Over 60 years Performance selection; her sire Black Magic is promoted to be the breeds dominant 50k tested bull and dominant #1 Beef Value Sire. Rita Lass 012 is higher in almost every marker!! Rita Lass 012 is the 4th gereration of high tested top 1% in multiple traits for 50k testing.

Slate Run Susan 005

Slate Run Susan 005. Actual weight at 9 months 919#. By Jindra Acclaim with more than 60 years performance selection! Her 50K test scores. BW 1.7 actual 69#; growth WW +63 YW+123; Milk +38-1%; Doc +26; CW +77- 1%; RE +.85-15%; $F+70-1%; $B +212-1%; $C+315-1%. Fr

SR 3 Crown Rita Lass 609

50K Test Results:

WW 1%RADG 1%Milk +34 10%RE 3%$F 1%
YW 1% DOC 3% CW 1% $W 2% $B 2%

She’s the Triple Crown winner in the Angus breed for economic traits on Growth, Maternal (milk) & Carcass! Over 60 years performance selection with 
10 generations of proven Pathfinder bulls on maternal side.

SR 3 Crown PowerStroke 802

50K Test Results:

WW 1%RADG 1%Milk +33 5%RE 1%$F 1%
YW 3% DOC +18 CW 4% $W 2% $B -5%

Sire: Rampage OA36 (ABS), Dam: SR 3 Crown Rita Lass 609
Extreme Docility! Cows sired by Net Worth, Sitz Upward, Coneally In-Focus, Tour of Duty, Rampage, and more!

About Our Angus

Top 1% of the whole breed.

When we say that our cattle are the best of the breed, we mean it. With some of the highest 50k tested Angus Cattle, and many top 1% in traits, such as Growth, Milk, and Carcass. Herd bull prospects with higher EPD's than most A.I. stud bulls with weaning weight up to 1,000 lbs. If you are interested in growth & pounds produced on grass, we produce some of the top genetics in the entire angus breed.

Our Team

Sandy & Duane Plymale

With over 100 years of combined experience between the two of us and decades of research and experimentation with angus genetics. Bachelors degree from Brigham Young University in Animal Science and a Master's Degree from the University of Tennessee in Animal Science/Nutrition. After retiring from The Ohio Sate University after 35 years as an Associate Professor and a 4-H Youth Specialist. Though we may not have a huge team; Big things come in small packages!

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