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Since 2021

My Passion for cattle and livestock started with helping Grandad on the farm, by learning under him and watching how he does things I intend to carry on the amazing genetics that he has perfected over the past 70 years with a primary focus on Docility. I love working on the farm and taking care of the cattle.

There is nothing that Grandad wanted more than to see his legacy live on in his animals. We are in the process of restoring the old farm that he maintained in the 1980’s. With a little help, and a lot of work we have made the impossible possible. 

remember the past

Since 1950

My Passion for cattle and livestock started about 70 years ago. Later while attending Brigham Young University I learned the art of breeding livestock (genetics), nutrition and feeding as an Animal Science student. Receiving a a Bachelors degree from Brigham Young University in Animal Science and a Master’s Degree from the University of Tennessee in Animal Science/Nutrition. I worked my way through college at various jobs, but most educational one was as a relief technician for COBA/Select Sires during the summer months. This is where I truly got the experience and learned the art of breeding AI. Retired from The Ohio Sate University after 35 years as an Associate Professor and a 4-H Youth Specialist.

We both love working on the farm and taking care of our cattle. In our spare time we enjoy spending time with family, in church service, hunting, fishing and traveling when we can.

We are the proud parents of three sons, George, Jake and Rob. We also have twelve wonderful grandchildren.

Most of our cows have 8-10 generations of proven PathFinder bulls on the maternal side and have been able to put together a herd of great breeding Angus Cattle!!

SR Rita Lass 609 is ten generations of PathFinder bulls which is what makes her such a great breeding female.

Her sons do not have bad throwback genetics from unproven bulls. She and her off spring are very consistent in predictable genetic strengths. She is the 3rd generation of 50K tested females that have multiple traits in the top 1% for growth, milk, carcass and ribeye.

Genetic Techniques

In over 50 years of breeding Angus I learned that there were 3 scientific technological breakthroughs  that advanced the cattle breeding business. First was artificial insemination using “proven” bulls, and second was embryo transplants to shorten the gereration cycle in breeds that already have a long gestation period to get multiple offspring in one breeding cycle and third is genomic test scoring of your genetic merit in your breeding stock..

As I was starting my herd Dr. Arthur Bartenslager, a beef breeder in Virginia and a reproductive Vet, advised me to only buy heifers or cows from BCIF herds with performance records so that I could take advantage of their lifetime in breeding the right kind of cattle. From that time forward, I purchased only females from the leading performance herds when starting our beef herd.

Testing the results and seeing the actual numbers goes a long way in determining your progress.

Another great piece of advice I got was from Roy Wallace of Select Sires. (We worked together as relief technicians for COBA). When he became the bull buyer for Select Sires he advised me to only use proven AI bulls! I have followed this sound advice as closely as possible throughout the years.

Give you multiple options out of a great breeding female and reduce many years it would take to select proven prodigy.

"By using these 3 practices an individual can make tremendous improvement in beef breeding, genetics and selection.”
Duane Plymale

Our Desire

It is our desire to carry on the legacy of Robert Duane Plymale, and keep improving upon his work. To take it into the future to make even more advanced improvements. It is also our goal to spread it around and provide a great opportunity for a progressive Angus breeder to benefit from our lifetime of breeding the right kind of performance cattle.